2017年6月30日 星期五


【新】 凡是你手可作的,都當盡力去作;因為在你所要去的陰間裡,既沒有工作,又沒有籌謀;沒有知識,也沒有智慧。
【NIV】Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.

蒲公英月刊 2017-06

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以賽亞書 第 46 章
【新】 「雅各家啊,以色列家所有餘剩的人哪!你們都要聽我的話,你們自出母腹,就蒙我懷抱自出母胎,就蒙我提攜
【NIV】"Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob, all the remnant of the people of Israel, you whom I have upheld since your birth, and have carried since you were born.

【新】 直到你們年老,我還是一樣;直到你們發白,我仍然懷抱你。我以前既然這樣作了,以後我仍必提攜你;我必懷抱你,也必拯救你
【NIV】Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Reference: 路加月刊 No.339

George Huang 2017 @ ORTV

2017年6月17日 星期六

禱告的奧秘 The Secrets of Prayer (信靠、順服、敬愛、感謝 & 讚美) 願神賜福您們!

The Secrets of Prayer

(禱告吧~ 神要賜給你的豐盛 是你無法想像的!豐盛到無處可容,滿滿恩典就從現在的禱告開始, 非常強大的! 開始禱告  開始領受吧!)

1. 沒有定時的禱告,漸漸就沒有禱告,所以每天早晚都要定時的禱告
Without regular scheduled prayers, we will gradually pray less. Therefore, there must be regular, consistent, scheduled morning and evening prayers on a daily basis.

When we fail in prayer, then we fail in everything. Neglecting prayer equals to losing our spiritual life.
3. 在神面前沒有能力,在人面前也沒有能力,在仇敵面前很難站立。
We will have no power before God, we will have no power before people,and we will not be able to stand strong before the enemy.
Those who accomplish more for God in the world are those who get up early to spend more time on their knees before God.

Many promises of the Bible concerning prayer assures that our prayers will never be spent in vain or be useless.

6. 禱告和生活的情況,不會差的很遠。禱告如何,生活也如何
The condition of our prayer life would never be too far from the condition of our real life. What our prayer life is, so will lives be.

7. 沒有一個不花時間在神面前的人,是對神有用、對人有益的人。
There's not one person who spends time before God in prayer that isn't useful to God or helpful to others.

8. 神能做一切的事,但祂願藉著人的禱告來成就,使人在其中有分。
Yes, God can do anything, yet He prefers to fulfill all things through people's prayers, enabling everyone to participate in the results.

9. 禱告是向神訴說神的旨意,不是求神要照著我們的意思行。
Prayer is to fulfill the will of God, and not to tell God to follow our personal will.

10. 禱告就是向神説出我們對祂的信靠順服敬愛感謝讚美
Prayer is our way of expressing to God our reliance, submission, devotion, appreciation, and praises to Him.

11. 在禱告中,漸漸地我們説出聖靈的感動、教訓和啟示,並聖經中主的話語來。
Through prayer, gradually we will be able to speak according to the inspiration of the Spirit, teachings, prophesies, and the words of the Bible.

12. 我們若忠心地隨從聖靈的引導,就必進入不住的禱告,使你成為一個禱告的人。
If we faithfully submit to the leading of the Spirit, we would gradually build up a life of constant prayer, becoming a person of prayer.

13. 越禱告就越有神的愛流到我們的心裡來,神親自來與我們同住,向我們顯 現。
The more we pray the more the love of God will be poured into our hearts, and God Himself will abide with us and appear to us.

14. 有罪就使禱告受到攔阻,必須認罪,得到赦免、洗凈,才會恢復交通,蒙神垂聽。At the touch of sin, prayer
 hindered. So, we must confess our sins, be forgiven, in order to be heard by God.

15. 擔子太重,禱告不得釋放時,可以感謝讚美,相信神的應許必成就。
When our burdens are too heavy to bear, and prayers do not obtain release, we can sing hymns and trust that all the promises of God shall be realized.

16. 不住禱告並非說個不停,乃心靈一直和主有交通,並能常常喜樂,凡事謝恩。Praying without ceases doesn't mean constant chatter,  but rather that our heart and soul continues to carry on conversations with Lord, so we can constantly rejoice, giving thanks to God for everything.

17. 常常禱告的人,雖然住在罪惡污染的世界裏,卻能蒙主保守,不受到侵害。
A person who prays often, though he may live in a polluted world of sin, will always be kept safe and will not be harmed.

18. 禱告能捆綁魔鬼、釋放罪人、醫治疾病、打開監門、降雨、施行神跡、彰顯神榮。
Prayers can bind up the demons, set sinners free, heal the sick, open the prison gates, send rain, even perform miracles, glorifying God.

19. 禱告能改變外面的事,也能改變人的內心,使污穢變爲潔凈,軟弱變為剛強黑暗變為光明
Prayers can change things that happen outside, and transform a man's heart inside, make the weak strong, and change the darkness into the light.

20. 當你無路可走的時候,仍有一條通天的道路;當你什麽都不能做的時候,仍可以求告我們的.When it seems like you have no other road to take, remember there is one road that leads to heaven,  when  you have run out of options you can seek after our God.

願神賜福您們!God blessing with you !
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